Rann of Kutch

At almost 46,000 sq. km. in northwest Gujarat, Kutch happens to be the largest district in all of India. A vast portion of this area is a unique, shallow wetland called the Rann of Kutch, which, during the rainy seasons is submerged underwater, and during the summers, dries up to display its expansive salt flats. In fact the sometimes dry, sometimes wet nature of the land caused its name to have its etymological roots in the Sanskrit word for one of the most well-known amphibious animals, the कच्छपक (transliteration: kachchhapaka, translation: tortoise).

Straight from the artisans and craftsmen of the area, our Rann of Kutch collection personifies their unique style of jewelry making. Not only is the jewelry made by hand, but its unique trademarks are the vibrant colours, the extensive embroidering and innovative use of mirrors and cowrie shells.

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