A perfect unison of peace and wisdom, and a perfect symphony of the heart and the mind, Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, has a name that literally means “place of the Gods”. Indeed, all these facets come together in the jewelry produced by the Tibetan artisans, which is rife with symbolism at several levels.

When the Chinese People’s Liberation Army of 1951 invaded Tibet to precipitate a cultural genocide, the natives fled their homeland. In the ensuing decades, while the Dalai Lama has sought to bring international attention to the political environment in Tibet, the refugees took shelter in the mountains of Nepal, and embraced their spirituality wholly through their handicraft.

Tibetan jewelry has evolved to become a part of one’s attire, a symbol of spirituality, a part of life, and a way to keep oneself close to the Gods. The jewelry shows distinct marks of being crafted by hand, and, while being exquisitely chic, lacks the clean lines and finishing that one sees in western jewelry. Vividly colorful stones such as turquoise, coral, lapis lazuli and amethyst, all speak to different aspects of nature and spirituality.

Our Lhasa collection has been sourced directly from these Tibetan refugees of Nepal, and all pieces serve to remind people that stark beauty lies in the most poignant of tales.

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